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Beauty & Hair style
Doody Hair Spa is established in 2020, is an house of beauty, hair
indulgence, and the symbol of customers trust.

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Doody Hair Spa treats customers with different kind of best services like, Hair colouring,
Hair Styling, Beard Styling, Hair treatments / maintenance and with more kind of services.


Creating Your Image


Any Colors You Can Imagine


Achieving the Best Look

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50% deal in total bill for all services

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About Us

Doody Hair Spa is the world's best hair spa with good ambiance and service for the world wide satisfied customers.

The staff and team in each franchise are professionally certified and well trained with best service.

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Doody Team

Well qualified and friendly environment for all your needs. Open to provide the services for the suggestions and needs from customers.

Best Equipment

With best equipments and ambiance we are here to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Best Deals

There are various benefits of packages we have for our customers. To make our customers feel home, The deals and offers are also customised as per the customers choice.



Kid's Cut Deal:

Kids with this generation likes more attractive with the hair styles. We have best people to make kids comfort and playful with the hair services. This includes hair cut and hair wash.


Men's Cut Deal

The men's deal will include all the formal and classy styles with best service and cost. This includes hair cut, hair massage and hair wash.


Women's Cut Deal

The women’s deal is the best plan we ever have, which includes hair cut, hair style and hair wash with hair colouring and daily deals.


Adult's Cut Deal

This deal is for all the youngsters for all the customised plan with either of two service choices. And do refer among friends and get best deals and services.



Enjoy a great shape with a customized curly cut, trim or shaping that's designed to bring out the best in your curls and express your individuality.



A full blowout service at Curl includes two washes, one wash using clarifying shampoo, and the other is completed with a Blowout Shampoo and thermal protectant.


Event HairStyling

If you have a special event coming up, then our event styling services for your hair are just what you need. Our team of stylists will make you look your best.



An updo is a hairstyle that is completely pinned up. Whether it is a high ponytail with braiding included, a low side bun with twists, or anything in between, we can manage it.


Retouch Lightener (Includes Toner)

This service is ideal for maintaining an all-over blonde look. Toner guarantees an excellent result. Price depends on hair length.


All-over Hair Color

All -Over Hair Color is a single-process hair color with scalp-to-ends application, also known as a “solid color” service. Price depends on hair length.


6 Foil Highlight with Haircut & Blow-Out

This is a great service for a first-time highlight. Adds some highlight in the hairline and part. Limited to a total of 6 foils. Includes haircut and styling.


Inoa Color

The ultimate in ammonia-free color that is gentler and healthier on your scalp. We have 22 patents for a color that is pure, vibrant and more beautiful than ever.

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